Born – on the 4th of July – A Tribute

4th of July

A Nation Born – on the 4th of July

This 4th of July, 2017, we remember the 241st anniversary of the date when America’s forefathers signed on the un-dotted line, declaring independence from Great Britain. We marvel again at the courage of those who pledged their “Lives…Fortunes…and sacred Honor“, to redress wrongs being suffered. They stood tall though the act of signing the declaration included a level of trust (purportedly expressed by Benjamin Franklin) as the need to “hang together or most assuredly hand separately”.

Much has changed since then. That’s true not only in America, but also worldwide. Some predict the downfall of this great nation with trepidation, others with glee. Still others pay little attention, taking for granted the sacrifices made by past generations on behalf of our own. The majority who remember likely have plans for celebration.

Happy 4th of July!

Today the themes of family, fireworks, and fun go together when celebrating the 4th of July. This patriotic holiday marks nearly the middle of summer vacation for children on break from school. Perhaps it also presents an opportunity for vacation in many families. If weather permits, a picnic in the park or at the lake might be thrown into the bargain. Combine delicious food and drink and before you know it, great memory-making is uppermost on the agenda.

In a sadder scenario, loved ones are separated by circumstances of life – military deployment, job considerations, illness – any of the difficult roads we all must travel from time to time. It doesn’t make the remembrance of the day less momentous. But it may color your day with more emphasis on the blue of our tri-colored identity.

However you celebrate, this rhymed verse is offered for your enjoyment:

Born – on the 4th of July

Two centuries ago (plus more), a country undefined
saw emigrants arrive once sailed across the foamy brine.
They came for freedom of their faith and persecution’s end,
these shores they found inhabited by some who would befriend.
Through wars, some raging still today, the struggle has been real
to foster rights of every man, and cruelty repeal.
The roller coaster of this ride to ring true freedom’s bell
has storied books of history beyond what each could tell.
Today, with persons tugging fierce against its fabric field,
the “Stars and Stripes” still represents good principles, well-heeled.
No need for blasting diatribes of errors, and distress –
instead do all within your power to help create success
for all who live upon this land. To honor man’s design,
remember that equality’s not just a state of mind.
To each – give life, then liberty, and happiness pursuit;
no independence entropy – give slaveries the boot.
Then filled with opportunity, for each to claim as own,
rebuilding by the sweat of brow and talents truly honed,
the ‘land of free’ and ‘home of brave’ again with lamp held high
will bless the world from which it birthed – this fourth day of July.

A Musical Suggestion Too

In addition, here’s a link to a song by one of my favorite groups to further rouse your spirit of celebration – Home Free singing “God Bless the USA” (originally recorded by Lee Greenwood).

Do you have a favorite tradition or song to mark the birth of independence for the country that would become America? Chime in below – in the comment section.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July
rhyme-loving friends!

4th of July


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