Blizzards and Flooding and Cows – Oh My! Unusual April Weather We’re Having

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When the Weather Outside is Frightful

Just another Sunday afternoon in April spent checking the Facebook feed. These three weather-related items jumped out at me: Interstate 70 closed west of Hays, Kansas to the Colorado border due to unsafe driving conditions, fourteen inches of snow in Garden City with the entire town out of electricity, and storms so bad in parts of Missouri that a bridge is washed out and one farmer in Wright County lost 31 head of cattle to lightning! What’s going on?

Adverse weather conditions happen all the time, all over the world. Yet when so many unusual things happen, in excessive fashion, in several areas, on the same day, to people I know – it gets attention. As I perused the pictures and read the associated notes, the rhymeloving ivories running through my brain were tickled, and here’s what composed itself.

Out Like a Lion – Hear April Roar

Snow so fluffy, white and clean paints a wonderland-like scene.
Closing roads with freezing ice? Wonderland’s not always nice.
So much snow that lines are down – ‘lectric out in one whole town.
Other times we take in stride Mother Nature’s winter ride.
Now we’re left with wondering since officially – it’s spring.
Wind-whipped chill arrived today. Wait – what? What’s that you say?
Tomorrow is the first of May!

What’s the weather like this fine April day in your neck of the woods? Leave a comment below, particularly if you’re not from the Midwest or in the United States and give us a feel for what’s happening around the globe.


Leave a comment about the most unusual weather situation you’ve ever experienced. Rhyme it if you want – that’s kind of popular around here.

Stay Warm, Keep Dry – Give Rhyme a Try!

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