Blogging, Bike Riding & Prayer – Something in Common?

Common Threads: Blogging, Bike riding & Prayer

Every day dawns as a good one for blogging, bike riding, and prayer*. If that seems an odd combination of activities to fit a “good day” bill, perhaps some explanation is in order. Never fear. This rhyme-enhancing writer has a three-point explanation at the ready. 

  • first, the blogging content that follows is new because I haven’t posted to RhymeLovingWriter in a good, long while
  • second, that old saying about bike riding (being something you never forget how to do) was tickling my alliterative brain, and
  • third, today, Ash Wednesday, represents a “big day” of prayer & celebration for Christians

Picture of blank opening page for creation of a blogging post


Blogging at RhymeLovingWriter created a venue to share. Good times, rhyming, sad times, wonderings…all manner of ideas that bubbled up and out and over in the ways of daily life. It started with a whiz and a bang with ideas shooting off in many directions.

After a short few months and a brief attempt to focus and bring order (by deciding what type of post I’d write for which day of the week), the lags got longer and longer between posts.

Then Mom died, unexpectedly. A few short months later, Dad died too.

After that life got busier, a bit more difficult and frequently demanding in whole new ways. Instead of rushing to the computer to rhyme, record and share, time spent itself in mourning.

Writing happened. Rhyming continued. But blogging, as a regular thing, came to an unplanned halt.

Often during the months away, an urge to return to blogging stirred my heart. Akin to a favorite tune or touch, the draw of pleasant memories of you tugged at me to get ‘back in the blogging swing’. Every poem ever posted or response received felt like we’d been building bridges between us. 

I realized that our back and forth showed things we found in common – or not – either outcome served as blessing. Similarities affirmed the way we looked at life. Differences created opportunity to learn or see the perspective of another. We were learning – about each other. I was learning – about myself.

One of the first and nicest lessons learned since starting this blog was that the fact of reaching out helped alleviate feelings of being alone in my thinking. At times, reaching out felt difficult, but continued blogging forged and fostered precious new connections.

A second lesson learned brought a joyful surprise. My rhyming attempts held a hint of humor. People read the words and smiled – or laughed out loud – and shared this with me. It was sweet music to this budding author’s ear.

And by now, a return to blogging painted a pleasant, positive picture. But it had been so long. Did I still remember how?

Along with blogging, at this point bike riding (complete with accompanying adage) popped into my brain because…alliteration (blogging – bike).

Alliteration is perhaps my second favorite writing device (after rhyme).

When the words blogging and bike clicked, a ball started rolling. Could getting back in the blogging routine be like getting back on a bike? Once you’d learned it you’d always know how? It seemed like a fair bet to make, so up I climbed for the next ride on the RhymeLovingWriter “blogging bike”.

Blue bike with woven basket leaning against building

Bike Riding

For readers who live in areas experiencing mild temperatures right now, bike riding provides a pleasant recreation. Contrast that with readers in the Midwestern USA, where I live. Lately snow-shoveling has become a near daily occurrence.

Right now my neighbors and I only daydream of warmer weather. Things like bike riding, fishing, gardening, or other springtime activities come to mind. Each of these activities make a good choice. (You’ll notice my bent for alliteration placed bike riding first on my list.)

The more curious among you may be thinking, “OK. Blogging. Bike riding. I get that. Now how in the world does that lead to prayer?” 

Glad you asked.

The link to create this sweet binding of blogging, bike riding, and prayer turned out to be the ashes received this morning at Mass.

Group of lighted red candles often used in prayer; crucifix in background


People experience prayer in different ways. Within defined faith traditions or under the general category of spirituality, there exists a wide variety of encounters classified as prayer. 

For a Catholic Christian, the highest form of prayer and worship of God is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, where we receive Jesus Christ, body, blood, soul & divinity in the Eucharist – described in the Catechism as “source and summit of our Christian faith“.

Mass on Ash Wednesday, marking the start of the Lenten season, presents a beautiful experience of prayer and reflection. It signals a time of examination and turning back to God, bringing our best self to share as gift to world.

One of the blessings God gifted me with is a joy in writing poetry. A second is the desire to share how much I love Him. And those two blessings joined right after Mass this morning to form the following reflection. I hope you find it pleasing…or thought provoking…or…you tell me.

Small paten containing blessed ashes  used in Ash Wednesday rite

Dust and Ashes

from dust I come

to dust, return


between sweet ashes 

marked upon,

reminding new,

reminding now,

eternity, as promised,

holds a price


penance, offered free


in place of sin – 

it greeds at me,

drugged selfishness

of head-strong want;



in lies of fallen

fancies past


yet here, anew,

I’m promised hope;


a willing leash;

emancipate from graceless starts

my heart, to follow



Your Word

Your Way

Your Will

~ ~ ~

What guides or encourages you to share your talents? Do you know what gets or keeps you moving forward, or reignites your interest after time away? Care to share what renews your spirit?

*Faulty parallelism is intentional – so I offer a mea culpa to writers who may have winced at its use.


  1. Janet Sobczyk

    Hello, fellow rhymer! It’s been ages since we’ve met online or in person at the library. I just checked in today to see what you’ve been up to and am saddened to hear of the loss of your parents. It sounds like it was a while ago, but there’s a long process of dealing with the physical and emotional aspects of it. Just know you are in my thoughts and prayers today.

    1. Post

      Thank you Janet! It’s so good to see your comment. I’ve been a LONG time away and am just now starting back to the process of relearning how to add new posts. Many updates created a wee bit of a re-learning curve, until I actually post something new. I’ll let you know when I do…and thank you for the thoughts and prayers. I look forward to reconnecting!

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