Religious Liberty and the Wall of Separation

wall of separation

Concern about religious liberty, practiced or impeded, is a hot topic today. People on all sides carry strong opinions. Some fear return to medieval days of intertwined church/state dictates while others fear further erosion of first amendment rights. Not content to rest on puzzled laurels, RhymeLovingWriter™ went searching for facts. Discovery continues, but today’s post …

Being PC in America Today

being PC

Being PC – Making things better or worse? A person finds few news items published today, exempting presidential tweets, subjected to politically correct (PC) filters. Careless, uncharitable speech causes problems, it’s true. Censored speech, on the other hand, leads to an entirely different sort of problems. Nonconforming verbiage, spoken or written, is attacked, deleted, or …

New Feature: A Series of Fortunate Happenings

series of fortunate events

What is “A Series of Fortunate Happenings”? Each day television or radio reports and social or print media blast negative news around the globe. No dearth of dire behaviors exists among nations, including our own.  Placing focus primarily on this type of information colors our concept of reality. It eventually crushes our future hopes and …