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Daylight Savings Time – Relic or Resource

Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings– It’s Time Again Already All aboard – ready to ‘spring forward’ as daylight savings time once again appears as clever clip art reminder on calendars, church bulletins, and FB memes? Most locations in CONUS (contiguous United States) once again stand poised to ‘lose’ an hour of precious sleep (or party time) this coming weekend. …

Valentines Day – Poems Anyone?

valentines poems

Couplet of Valentines Poems Love is a beautiful thing. Greeting card companies, florists, jewelers and probably candy companies too – are celebrating today as they busily fill orders for star-crossed lovers. Gifts are wrapped, exchanged, and cherished with oohs and aahs all around. Sometimes, the best and most loving gifts don’t require wrapping. They come …