Making Change

Sixteen years of admonition,
highs and lows in disposition….
evidence of change?
Sights of sorrow; mem’ry calling
fresh felt heartache, teardrop falling.
Did I rearrange
time to practice love of brother,
caring less for self than other,
keeping promise strong?
Holding hope to change for better,
recognizing self as debtor,
righting what is wrong?
Change, a choice beyond mere token,
hands to help or dreams left broken….
Not too late to start,
even now, to step with meaning.
Teach with hope of goodness gleaning
lessons of the heart.


Today marks the sixteenth anniversary of some of the largest terrorist attacks ever perpetrated on United States soil. Radio news commentary, Facebook feeds, and other sites fill themselves with remembrances. This RhymeLovingWriter blog follows a similar track with the opening rhyme.

It also contains a few notes on the whole idea of change.

Change – Of Order

Instead of starting with paragraphs and ending with a poem, this post switches around the usual order of things. I reasoned that if I ran out of time to finish the entire post at least the poem would be up today sometime. (I claim all successes, even small ones, as they arrive.)

As comfortable as routines are, they benefit from being shaken up a bit, even occasionally turning one on its rhyme-loving head.

Change – Of Plans

Who knew that the goal of posting at least three times per week presented a hurdle not yet ready to be cleared? After plotting a themed plan of attack and creating a schedule for posting, something went awry. The learning curve looped into a few additional bends for this rhyming writer.

Grandiose plans didn’t pan out as anticipated. This does not mean a towel thrown into the writing ring, signaling defeat, so far as blogging goes. It does mean that the shape of the space continues to morph into new and exciting possibilities (more on that in a future post).

Change – Starting Small

Perhaps the biggest change since the earlier blog posts this summer rests in self-knowledge. Socrates, in his wisdom, hailed this admonition centuries ago. It rings true today. The spiritual readings I started this summer encourage digging deeper. The secular readings require constant attention to absorb practical realities of maintaining a writing career and creating blog content.

Here is a list of just a few highlights I’ve been trying to get my thoughts around:

  • Know your audience (still figuring out how to best define, narrow/broaden, access, & serve in this area)
  • Provide content of value to your reader (perfectly sensible, difficult to judge before written but closely aligned with the first bullet point)
  • Post/publish regularly (learning by personal experience what a doable definition of ‘regularly’ means)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO – whole new area of study, which so far as I can tell has nothing to do with rhyming)


If reading that list means nothing, I apologize. It’s meant only to serve as illustration that time spent chasing information in those areas kept me quite far from putting words on the page. Nothing written = nothing posted or published.

Many pieces mean a very large puzzle, but even a masterpiece gets assembled one piece at a time.

Change – An Invitation

The trauma brought about by the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 changed lives.  This post began with a poem to capture that truth. Perhaps a different sort of tragedy has changed you.  You’re invited to share any lessons learned in the comment section below.


Keep rhyming, and changing for the better, friends!

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