Day Before April Fool’s Day – Rhymed Treasure Hunt

Day Before April Fool's Day

Day Before April Fool’s Day – Rhymed Treasure Hunt to Help You Celebrate

Fool me once – shame on you. Fool me twice – shame on me. Oh wait – it’s nearly the first of April. You’re supposed to be cooking up all kinds of schemes to prank friends and family members.

The adage “time flies”’ certainly rings true for 2017. The New Year started several months ago, and now we’re coming up on the end of the first quarter. Don’t worry – it’s not time to turn another calendar page – yet. As in all homes with Scouts, we prepare folks. As the mother of an Eagle Scout I am getting prepared.

In poetess parlance – that’s nearly the same thing!

Yes, I Know This is Early for April Fool’s Day

This might seem early, but believe me, you want it NOW!

This is a very special treasure hunt – HOT OFF THE PRESS – especially created for the Day Before April Fool’s Day. Why the day before? Glad you asked.

This rhymed treasure hunt is created to find envelopes containing prank ideas to carry out on April Fool’s Day. Some start first thing in the morning. You’ll want to plan your strategy or get things together the night before, but you need to have the hunt to find the envelopes with the pranks.

Best of all – it’s FREE! A gift to make you and your loved ones smile! You can download it by clicking here!

No, I’m Not Pranking Anyone

You may remember April Fool’s Day with fondness (because of great pranks you’ve pulled on others), trepidation (because of all the pranks that have been pulled on you), or anticipation (because this is the first year you know you’ve got the perfect prank). Whichever scenario your past experiences aligns with most closely, there is no reason that this April Fool’s Day can’t be your best ever.

You may not remember the day before April Fool’s Day from your past. I feel confident that if you do this hunt – you will never forget it in the future!

If you enjoy the hunt and pull some pranks – please take time to stop back and leave a comment below. I’m now accepting prank suggestions to include in next year’s hunt. If you have a winning prank you don’t mind sharing, please email me through the contact form or post it below.

Now get to hunting – and rhyming – and loving life!











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