What Does Your Favorite Doughnut Say About Your Personality?


Happy National Doughnut Day!

As I said in yesterday’s post, I had no idea that the first Friday in June is National Doughnut Day in the United States and has been celebrated as such since 1938. I try to stay on top of the ‘news’ and was surprised that something like this could have slipped by me for so many years. In an effort to make amends, I’ve put together a completely unscientific quiz based on pictures to let you know what your favorite doughnut type says about your personality. Please enjoy.

Imagine you are standing in front of the doughnut cases at your favorite bakery or grocery store. The pictures below represent the doughnut choices available to you. Click on the photo that appeals to you the most to find out what it reveals about your personality. If by some rare coincidence your favorite is not depicted below, please leave a comment at the end of the post to tell us what it is.

Holier Than Thou

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You are a person who makes conscientious choices but likes to have fun.

Fritter Follower

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You are a person who makes the most of every moment of your day.

Jelly Belly

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You are a person with a wonderful sense of humor who laughs easily.

Sprinkle, Sprinkle Little Star

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You have a magnetic personality and are often the center of attention in a crowd.

Roll With the Punches

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You have an easy personality that allows you to live life on an even keel.

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

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You have high aspirations in life and work hard to achieve your dreams.


Thank you for participating in the doughnut personality quiz. May your doughnuts be plentiful, varied, and free for sampling on this, National Doughnut Day!

Reflections on a Doughnut

When your morning seems so blue
Lost in thoughts that burden you
There’s a cure so round and sweet
Sugared high from head to feet
When your coffee tastes so bland
Keep this pastry close at hand
Dunk or twist while piping hot
Freshly fried it hits the spot
Add some sprinkles and some glaze
Soon you’re in a sugar haze
Or for health, to guilt assuage,
Mix in fruit, it’s all the rage
Raise your doughnut, toast on high
Don’t let this treat pass you by
Cake or long john, crème-filled too
Maple, chocolate, frosting goo
What? You say it’s all a snare
Adding inches here or there?
Yes, you’re right, yet here we are.
This day doughnuts are the star.
Go tomorrow back to bran
Oatmeal, smoothies, (if you can)
Have this day of doughnut glut
Just don’t make it morning’s rut

Happy Rhyming, Friends


  1. Suzanne Martikas

    Aw, the lure of the donut! A dear friend of mine celebrates this divine invention every Friday!! As I am concerned of the inches in your poem, I live vicariously through his delight! I look forward to him sharing with me, as you his selection have shared, and it brings back happy memories of my Dad bringing a big box of those tasty circles of love to us for a special treat!

    1. rhymelovingwriter

      What a beautiful memory of your Dad! I’m surprised you can resist with such fortitude – congratulations! As for your friend, he is way more doughnut savvy than I could ever claim to be! Hoping today finds you celebrating in memory or motion (half of a doughnut can’t hurt, right?).

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