Final Perseverance – Part I – Rhymer’s Response to Keeping Skin in the Game

final perseverance

Final Perseverance is No Game –
Despite the Catchy Blog Title

What Does Final Perseverance Mean?

The concept of final perseverance is probably not one bandied about outside of religious circles, and found still less frequently in casual conversation. Stated simply:

Final perseverance is the preservation of the state of grace till the end of life.

As with much Catholic teaching, the simplest of statements contain truths that may take a lifetime to understand and implement.

This past Sunday marked the start of the 5th Week of Lent! Draw in a breath and let that truth set with you for just a minute or two. The forty days have dwindled down to slightly more than a handful as you read this blog. Panic time? No. Return to a plan? Possibly. Continued perseverance? Always.

It’s not as if the disciplines of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving we practice in Lent hold some magic power to forever set our steps on a non-erring path, although miracles are possible. The season, based on solid biblical precedent, is intelligently scheduled to help us attain a good start on habits to grow and mature the rest of our days.

That’s the part we’re after – preservation of the state of grace until the end of life. We want, when last breath is drawn, to be in a state of grace which ushers us into an eternity in the presence of God.

When Perseverance Day by Day is Our Path –
The Final will Take Care of Itself

Each of us journeys through time. Our paths wind and dip with variation as unique as our souls, yet perfectly designed to take us to our final destination – the winning destination – of heaven. As we lose ourselves along the way – leaving our skin in the games of cross-filled opportunity, we fully engage and take ownership of the free will gifted to us at conception. That’s not just for Catholics either. It’s for every single person ever born.

It’s a lovely and challenging chance to embrace the gifts we’ve been given and use them, in God’s image and by Christ’s example, to build God’s kingdom. It plays out differently for each person.

This RhymeLovingWriter™ sees it something like…

A Week on the Court of Life

Monday asked a drop of pride, rendered from my foolish hide
Tuesday gave my ego boot, shrinking self by tongue held mute
Wednesday set to silence grudge, from a heart so quick to judge
Thursday pruned a slothful splice from most lax and lazy vice
Friday’s fast on humble pie, offered true for Him who died
Saturday gave greed the rout, digging deep for envy’s sprout
Sunday came and grace poured in – healing scars of weekday sin
Prayer, fast, alms – those practiced three – help deliver victory

So though the words “final perseverance” appear in the blog title – it’s not only about the last choice. It’s about all of the daily, minute by minute opportunities along the way.  As the mile markers on the road home pass may our choices lead, through perseverance, to heaven.

As always, Happy Rhyming, Friends!

Part II for this topic is waiting in the wings, but needs YOUR HELP for completion. It will be titled Final Perseverance Part II – Inspiration & Courage Resound in Rhyme.

Each of us knows people who inspire – individuals who keep on trying, getting up over and over again in spite of difficulties and failures. They might be famous or they might not. I’d like to include their stories in rhymed verse in Part II.

For that to happen, I need your help. Please either comment below with a name (of someone famous whose information is easily accessible), or send me a message through the contact form (if it’s someone you know personally and could provide details about).


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      You are very welcome Margo! Thanks for letting me know that you saw it and liked it. Hope all is going well with you!

      Care to share a name of someone who has inspired – or continues to inspire – you on your journey?

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