Flag Day Fun Rhymed Treasure Hunt – Finding Gold in the Red, White, and Blue!

flag day


Here you go, rhyme loving treasure hunters, hot off the press! This is the first of two such creations planned for your pleasure in June. As promised, it’s a few days ahead of the holiday so you’ll have time to look it over and gather supplies or prizes if you choose to add them. The next one arrives late next week to celebrate the first day of summer. Despite increasingly warmer temperature readings in the heartland of America, the solstice awaits.

One great thing about putting these things together is that I learn a fair amount about the subject or holiday at hand, providing sources are accurate. This Flag Day treasure hunt taught me the following tidbits, in no particular order: (no worries, none of these are in the hunt)

  • The Great Seal, created in 1785 (two years after the original flag design), adopted colors of the American flag
  • One possible meaning of the colors “White signifies purity and innocence; Red, hardiness and valor; Blue, the color of the Chief, signifies vigilance, perseverance & justice.”
  • On the official Military.com flag etiquette page there are twenty-two “do’s” and only ten “dont’s” listed
  • 17-year-old high school student, Robert G. Heft, of Lancaster, Ohio designed the flag as it flies today with 50 stars and 13 stripes in 1958

There were a lot of other interesting things too. I worked them into the body of the rhymes at every opportunity. When we learn a bit of history and have fun simultaneously – that’s a win/win in any book!




Flag are fancy, flags are fun

Waving many, waving one

Often colored brightly bold

Symbols there – a story told

Waved as banners on parade

History that has been made

Celebration marked unfurled

Happy Flag Day to the world!


Did your family celebrate Flag Day when you were growing up? Do you celebrate it now? Please share your stories in the comment section below. Also, if you want to receive the First Day of Summer treasure hunt, sign up for my newsletter.

Happy Rhyming, Friends! May the Flag Unfurling Begin!

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