Flag Waver or Flag Burner – Which are You?


Happy Flag Day America! (If any other country happens to be celebrating Flag Day today too – then good and happy thoughts your way as well.) Today is a quasi-holiday celebrating the Stars and Stripes, the official flag representing the United States.

Some citizens of the United States hold our flag in high regard. They treat it with utmost respect as a symbol of all that is righteous, noble, and salutary in our country’s accomplishments and endeavors. They recognize the many people who have sacrificed the ‘last full measure’ out of love for those ideals and the people who espouse them. This group follows flag rules and etiquette to the letter and would like the flag protected from defacement by constitutional amendment.

Some view this symbol of our country with mixed or unhappy emotion. They hold that mistakes made by institutions or individuals under the guise of this banner were misguided manipulations constituting an abuse of power. Those who fought under this banner are to be pitied as dupes and pawns in a game of corruption perpetrated by men with evil intent. They assign blame for the misfortune of minorities and simple minded citizens to actions taken under this flag. They would as soon burn it as look at it.

Here’s some rhyming thoughts for reflection on the day and its occasion:

I pledge allegiance, words we use, to daily honor give
to flag we raise, as hopeful sign, of freedoms where we live.
Though every cause may hoist a flag, not every people share
ideals or opportunities about which many care.
On Flag Day you might learn a thing or two about the past,
with hopes that thanks will fill your heart, despite when doubt is cast
upon the men and women who have served with honest pride
beneath the Stars and Stripes we hold, paraded, not denied.
Though many know and do the good, each age has men who choose,
manipulating messages, and freedom’s voice abuse.
The truth must never be denied, yet charity commands
each moment of correction to be tempered, heart in hand.
Allow some room for other thoughts while fanning out your own,
remembering both good and bad that other seed has sown.
Then on this day perhaps some peace can find us each, anew
by treating fellow citizens how you wish they’d treat you.

What are your thoughts and feelings about flags? Are you a flag waver – or a flag burner?

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Wishing you Friendly Rhyming

on Flag Day!



    1. RhymeLovingWriter

      Thank you Karen. A day that should be marked with joy of freedom has now been cast in partisan bickering again – sigh – but then, that IS part of the process of freedom.

      I’d sure rather that we start from a place of celebrating each other instead of tearing each other down.

      Do you celebrate a flag day there? When is it?

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