Fourth Thursday in November


Thankful, you think, held
back from the brink of
chaos as king, though
life flapped its wing from
happier days to
difficult stays. Still
breathing, you find, each
step from behind leads
stone upon stone to
ultimate throne of
Him you adore – will
serve evermore – while
faithful, you stay, through
plunder or play. Come
raise simple gaze to
hope filling days when
humbled, you pause, in
thanks for Cause – of all.

The fourth Thursday in November, hopefully like all other days, found many of us holding cause to give thanks. Despite sorrows, travesties, tears, and longings, a semblance of joy budded even in autumn shadows. While drawing breath; the sun still arrived to warm the earth.

Sometimes the warming joy spreads slowly from limb to limb or crosses the span of relationship divide. Some days the orb of light on which we hang our existence makes its turn without awareness of change. Nevertheless, change makes its mark upon the landscapes of our lives.

A flaunt of empty faith brings little consolation to a burdened heart, but hear me now. The lonely times and loss of hope will not last forever. Trials are bumps in path to wholeness, hol-i-ness, living each breath with belief in the One who allows them all.

Do not wish sad breaths away but stay within the carried moments when your heart lies cradled on His chest.

Then rest…in thanks.

Rest and then rhyme ~ a rhythm for life…
Happy rhyming, friends!


Thanks also, to you who read and share these words. It’s a privilege to be able to write them and read your comments when the rhyme finds a place in your heart.

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