Welcome to June – Flags, Fathers & First Days of Summer



The second half of the 2017 calendar year begins today – hurray! I thought I’d put out a quick post outlining some of the upcoming dates to be featured on RhymeLovingWriter™ this month. Of course, there are many more topics to cover, but this fairly rounds out some of the things on the secular calendar.

National Doughnut Day (2nd)

Guys, I JUST FOUND OUT about this! Seriously, how can something like this not be front page news every single year? It’s been held on the first Friday in June since 1938, which means it’s been around since before many of us were even born. There are various locations giving either free donuts/doughnuts, or a deeply discounted deal on regular prices. Google it and check out availability in your local area. There might even be a rhyme appearing here tomorrow in honor of the almighty doughnut/donut!

Flag Day (14th)

Work has begun on a rhymed treasure hunt that will bring fun times while imparting flag facts. The main focus will be on the American flag, but there might be some other interesting tidbits thrown in for fun. If you’ve never seen what rhymed treasure hunts entail, you can find a sample here, here, or here. Target date for publication is June 8th so you’ll have time to assemble supplies and prizes before the actual celebration.

Father’s Day (18th)

Right on the heels of Flag Day is Father’s Day. Both abbreviated FD. Hmm…what kind of cosmic coincidence can be found in that? Probably none. But perhaps a unique gift list and rhyme will generate itself as it did for Mother’s Day. Watch for this post on June 16th, again allowing a few days for preparations.

First Day of Summer (21st)

This topic screams for a rhymed treasure hunt because there are so many crazy possibilities. Should it be an outdoor hunt? Indoor hunt? A bit of both? The first day of summer invites celebration for adults as well as children. The feat will be to narrow the field into something manageable.

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June for bugs or June for fun

Party time has just begun

Mark the dates and check back soon

As the fun unfolds in June

Greet the sun and play the games

No two months are quite the same

Donuts first, then flags and ‘Pops’,

Fun in June just never stops!

Happy Rhyming, Friends!

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