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Limerick Loving Week Continues

Yesterday this site introduced the limerick form as one of the best for creating humorous poetry with distinct rhythm and rhyme.  It gave a brief explanation of the form and invited you to share your favorite (clean) limericks in the comment section.

It also offered for your enjoyment a short saga titled The Bard of Blarney to show how RhymeLovingWriter™ uses the limerick form in multiple stanza style to tell a story. But just how DO you fashion a limerick if you wanted to compose one for yourself?

How to Launch a Limerick

Just how do you write a limerick? This site provides a clear step by step procedure to walk you through the process.  If you need help thinking up words to rhyme for the endings, you’ll find a great resource at Once you get the basic form down, you can start substituting, adding your own distinct voice and flair for fun.

Just for fun, here is a basic, limited fill-in-the-blank model on which to practice:

There once was a boy from ____ (two syllable place – can be made up name) Ka-zoo
Who really enjoyed eating  ____ (one syllable noun that rhymes with first line) stew
‘Until one bleak ____ (one syllable noun) night
He ate every ____ (one syllable noun) bite
And ended up feeling quite ____ (one syllable noun) blue

Like so:

There once was a boy from Kazoo
who really enjoyed eating stew
Until one bleak night
He ate every bite
And ended up feeling quite blue

New Day and New Story

Today, for your entertainment, please enjoy this limerick titled Lighthearted Limerick Lover’s Plea to Writers. First posted in April 2016 to the Rhymezone forum, it’s been reprinted below. If you’re curious what other poets thought of it you can read their comments here.

It’s a good illustration of how nearly anything can serve as impetus or inspiration for writing. Frustration of not knowing what to write birthed this little ditty. It even inspired a sequel to be posted tomorrow.

Lighthearted Limerick Lover’s Plea to Writers
(Introducing Malcolm Bojanges)

If you find at writing you stumble,
Perhaps gnawing hunger pangs rumble?
Don’t pout and don’t swear.
Get up from that chair.
Even (if) sotto voce you mumble.


Take moment to stretch your phalanges
Dream float on a boat on the Ganges
Whatever you try
Don’t spit in the eye
Of pirate muse, Malcolm Bojanges


He casts words from mind as if jetsam
A mean-minded sprite swilling dark rum
He’ll make you say “Please”
While cackling (the tease)
“If you need new words, come and get some.”


He’ll swing off like brigand retreating
While ignoring incessant pleading
He’ll wink once or twice
But never play nice
Persist till you’re weary from beating


In thin air he’ll vanish while screaming
Behind him long pirate locks streaming
With rogue-favored flair
And devil may care
He’ll leave you convinced you were dreaming


With start you’ll return to your senses
Inspir’d, having flattened your fences
The pangs you’ll ignore
Pursuing new lore
Mind(ing) p’s, q’s, and even some tenses

Part 2 -Continued Tomorrow

I’d bet there are a lot of little ‘anythings’ floating around in your creative juices. Why not try writing one into a limerick today and post it below?

Happy Limerick-ing, Friends!

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