Limerick Loving – St. Patrick’s Day Rhyme on Tap

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Limerick Loving – Last in this Series

Limerick Loving – St. Patrick’s Day Rhyme on Tap

For this final post in the limerick loving series, RhymeLovingWriter™ has gone green – in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Have you done the same? Or has an obligatory pinch for oversight found you? Do you even know WHY wearing green (or get pinched) is espoused today? I didn’t.

Until I went looking and found several sites giving identical information (apparently there are two reasons):

     — The first answer is to remember and honor Ireland. If you’re not wearing green, you get pinched as a way to say shame on you.

     — The second attests that it’s an American tradition that dates back to the 1700’s. Apparently, leprechauns can’t be seen. They’re mischievous, so people pinch you to remind you that if you’re not wearing green, you’ll get pinched by a leprechaun.

No harm, no foul, unless you enjoy inflicting pain on others (some of those pinches received in elementary school smarted). My Irish appropriated blessing for this post intends no pain for you today, but instead offers this:

May limerick (last) when meets your ear
bring tickled laughter, holding near
to heart, good feel and lasting grace
until another take its place.

Limerick Loving – One Last Time

Without further fanfare or ado…

St. Patrick’s Day Limerick

You needn’t be Irish for cheering
with folks all around commandeering
this annual feast
to relish those yeast-
based drinks, onto lips they are steering


You needn’t be Irish for drinking;
in fact to your detriment thinking
that this is required
may leave you ‘Fat-Tired’
instead of with Guinness glass clinking


You need not be Irish for sporting
a grey tam- o’-shanter purporting
to keep your head warm
or drinking in form
(ideally for bar-hop cavorting)


You need not be Irish to party
if mid-March is finding you hearty
and hale as a lad
most suitably glad
just to this feast do not be tardy


True Irish, those dear lads and lasses
who, hoisting their hearts and their glasses
to make a quick toast
cry ‘slainte’, not ‘prost’
and thereby appeal to the masses


So leprechauns, shamrocks and greening
should have you in Irish form preening
you’ll dance a mean jig
while taking a swig
until from this jollity weaning


But ‘til then prepare for parading
and non-Irish fully invading
each beer selling pub
or Boar Headed club,
a spirit of blarney pervading

Addendum (my favorite)

You need not be Irish for praying
Though helpful when demons you’re slaying
You’ve nothing to lose
If Avés you choose
Is all this addendum is saying

I welcome your feedback on the site and any of the limerick loving fest of the past four days. What would you like to see going forward? More rhyme? More humor? Let me know!

Happy Rhyming, Friends!

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