Neighborly Love and Unexpected Gifts (SofFH#2)


Series of Fortunate Happenings (SofFH 2)

Last week I introduced the plan to write blog posts focusing on positive stories. This week the focus lands on stories featuring neighborly love or unexpected gifts. Each of us has likely been recipient of both at one time or another.

Unexpected Gifts

First on the list of beautiful stories to share is this blog by Gabe Burkhardt! Gabe shares his reflections on how he’s been unexpectedly blessed by homeless people. These are folks often passed by either without notice or worse, with purposeful intent. God’s beauty resides in every human being and Gabe writes it as he sees it. Kudos to him!

Unexpected Gifts to Neighborly Love

This story, around for about a week, mirrors one published some time ago. Some areas of the country feel economic impacts more than others. Even within the same area some people feel the impact more forcefully.

Walking three miles back and forth to work each day sounds like one of those lines parents use on their children for emphasis when counting today’s blessings. It was reality for this young man. Until, of course, strangers in his community did something awesome about it.

Perhaps the idea is catching on, as additional stories like the ones here or here attest.

Neighborly Love

Yet another storm related story – this time out of Michigan. We may not have a generator, but what a great feeling to deliver ‘juice’ to those who have special needs when the power goes out. What DO we have in our homes that could help out a neighbor?

Here’s a newscast out of Atlanta with a whole new idea called ‘purposity’. I mentioned last week about favoring neologisms (purposity just might be one). Here it is not only touted, but implemented with a model that is simple, local, and neighborly. Any of us can take advantage of this kind of opportunity. Perhaps something like this is already happening in your area? Comment below if it is.

On a personal note, I’d like to give a shout out to our neighbor across the street who blessed us with delicious baked creations twice in the past month. She comforts us by her neighborly love, without doubt!


Friends around the world, I’d love to share what’s happening in your neck of the woods. Comment below or send particulars on the contact form to be included in future editions of this series.


Around the world or down the street
there’s need we all can help to meet
for cars or food or true love’s glance
at folks who cross our path by chance.
There’s wonder in these paths we trod,
despite seemed absence of a God.
He’s here. He’s there. Just look, you’ll see,
through hands and feet of you and me.
Give what you’ve got without despair,
and you will surely meet Him there.
If joy-filled give and take prevail
upon our world, love will not fail!

Happy giving, friends!

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