New Book Idea – or – A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Old Book Idea

new book idea


“God works in mysterious ways.” He works in obvious ways too but sometimes we fill our schedules so busy we fail toseed of new book idea notice. This past week He got my attention in a new way. The seed of a book idea planted itself in my thoughts and continues to grow. It’s now past the stage of being a niggling tease and established itself alongside my original plan to publish a book of rhymed treasure hunts.

How do I know it’s from God? The subject matter I suppose (more about that in a minute). The fact that my morning prayer contains the phrase, “…I offer you my prayers, works, joys and sufferings of this day …for all the intentions of thy Sacred Heart…” Or it could be the surety in my own heart of how very right this feels – an assurance I often receive when I’m working in line with my vocation.

Actually the whole idea, writing a full length story, at first left me bemused. Even after attending the WordSowers conference just over a month ago, meeting new, amazing authors, and reconnecting with already published authors I met last year; even after settling in my mind that the amount and style of writing currently filling my days is indeed journeyenough to authentically claim the mantle of author; and yes, even after knowing this process portends a long and uphill journey – I share with you my giddy anticipation. Why?

I invite you to walk with me. As I learn about the writing and publishing processes I see there are now multiple ways to approach this goal. I meet other authors and read their works, some of whom post chapters as they write. Some take the step of establishing patrons, like in golden days of the Renaissance, where a donation to the cause of finishing the work is rewarded by varying levels of revelation along the way.

My request is a simple one. Will you join me with words of encouragement – particularly when the going gets tough?

The Story


We live in a broken world, but it wasn’t always so. There was a time when good outweighed evil in the lives of men. There was a place where choices built up rather than tore down all that the Kingdom required. It lay hidden in plain sight, needing only love and the courage of a few brave souls to come to light again.


It’s on my heart, where good things start
to reach for more than rhyme.
A story’s hold, until it’s told,
as tale from out of time.
I’d love your cheers to calm my fears
to write until complete;
with posts to slay along the way
all thoughts that court defeat.
Then when it’s done, all ink been run
upon the page once bare,
we’ll make a toast – together boast
of all that brought us there!


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Happy Rhyming & Writing, Friends


  1. Cindy Engelkamp

    I have enjoyed reading all your rhymes, riddles and treasure hunts! You are very talented and need to do something with this God given talent! I think writing this book is a great idea and think it will be a great success! Kevin and I will help any way we can. You’ve got this Paula, with God by your side you can not fail! What do you have to lose? We would love to help promote it, once you have a finished product.

    1. Post

      Cindy, thank you so much for this beautiful affirmation! I’m a little surprised but very excited about this new inspiration. Much of my time is still spent learning the process as well as doing the writing, but I’m very hopeful about a good result. With a friend and supporter like you – I can’t lose! I’ll be posting updates as I go, so watch for them! Again, many thanks!

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