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Rhymer [rahym’ er] – person showing partiality for sound alike words

Some words go together – like love & marriage or twist & shout. Other words, like sunflower or moonlight find themselves set in closest proximity. Together they compound into something greater than when added on their own. When those beauties rhyme – like downtown or bedspread – they pack a double whammy.

These gems enter a realm of magical words – not like abracadabra or open sesame – but rather because they are sound alike words. They romp through our brains and round our lips when we first learn to read.

Many adults can still recite verbatim a silly rhyme that rang throughout their nursery days. Can you? (I’m partial to Rub-a-Dub-Dub myself). Many a favorite song imprints not only because of a great beat, but also catchy tunes melded to repetitive, rhyming lyrics.

Rhyme loving writer [rahym luhv-ing rahy-ter ] – writer showing inordinate fondness for sound alike words

As if it weren’t enough to enjoy the sound of rhyme, folks like me feel a thrill when putting pen to paper in rhyming fashion. Twin-sounding words become tools of the trade for anyone who loves to write in rhyme.

For instance, if you ever chose to reflect on how others perceive your speech (and you happen to be a rhyme loving writer) something like this might spring to mind:

Impromptu Versing
One time in the morning I heard a fair warning
that claptraps should button for break on the hour
I tried very humbly, but still I got mumbly
and sounds roundly tumbled like stones from a tower
So then I kept quiet (now that was a riot)
my boss tossed a look most suspicious in style
There seemed some believing, despite tale I’m weaving
that mojo had managed to turn down my dial
But who cast that spelling, I sure can’t be telling
If voodoo was present to give me a nod
I’d feel a lot better if grace was my vetter
and shy guy created by mercy of God

Time ticks itself away while creating reams of verse for forum posts or on pads of poetry. One other favorite use of rhyming words is when they serve as stars of treasure hunts (more about that in an upcoming post).

Something for almost everyone

The main stage at RhymeLovingWriter may show deference to rhymers, but poets, pursuers of prose, and purveyors of humor need not lag behind. When rhymes get going double-time, it’s likely that a decent belly-laugh is building in the wings. This can be true whichever act you’re living or role you play.

Imagine a world where we greet our friends and family – even our own reflection – with a smile each day. Believing it’s possible may be the very first step and this site is dedicated to helping make it happen. Joyful word encounters (new ones arrive on our doorsteps daily) take place as first order of business. Encouraged to rollick in rhyme on a regular basis, we might just change the world for the better!

Your input is welcomed any time you find your funny bone tickled or your heart hounded to make reply. Don’t be a shy guy (or gal). To get that ball rolling, won’t you leave a comment below sharing the name of your favorite nursery rhyme? (Odds are you still know it by heart.) 😉

 ~ Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen . . . waiting to get writ in rhyme. ~


    1. Post

      Thanks for stopping by Vicki. I’ve not read much about Mr. Safire – but am sure to do that now! Language IS fun and I’m looking forward to having a blast with it every day!

  1. Jon

    I like the positivity of your site. An oasis whose influence will spread bringing smiles to many.

    Oasis of rhyme
    Snapshot of time
    Lyrical balm
    Peace and calm
    Go extra mile
    Just for a smile

    Humpty Dumpty was always a favourite of mine.


    1. Post

      Well Jon, we’ve been travelling this poetry road together for awhile now and you’ve been a positive example – perhaps it’s rubbed off?

      Thanks for taking a minute to check things out and leaving such a wonderful rhyme – I’m surprised you didn’t scramble it! 🙂

    1. Post

      Thanks Karen. Coming from a fellow rhymer that means a lot. Thanks also for your help earlier today on FB!

    1. Post

      Ah Grant – that’s a fun one, isn’t it? It never left me fond of crows though. 🙂 Thank you so much for checking things out and leaving a comment.

      1. grant hayes

        My grandmother used to sing it to me. She would make the flapping wings of the blackbird with her hands, which would ‘fly’ down at the words ‘down came a blackbird’ and lightly ‘peck’ off my nose. I made her repeat it, as children are wont to do. When I found some actual sixpences in a box at the bottom of my grandmother’s cupboard, I was even further enthralled by this rhyme.

        I hope the site does really well for you, Rhymist. It’s quite impressive!

        1. Post

          I LOVE that story Grant! It’s a beautiful memory! Thank you for the well wishes. I’m only just beginning, so we’ll see where it goes!

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