No “R” in Tuesday

Reading, Writing

Reading, ruminating, and rejoicing (with a little writing thrown in for good measure) brings you this Tuesday post. I know, I know – Tuesday sat reserved for a “Series of Fortunate Happenings” from around the city, country, or globe. Well, guess what? Some days we require no search far afield to encounter fortune. Sometimes it lays itself right at our feet, disguised as life.

Three times in the past few days new material found its way across my path focusing on the importance of being a reader first if you want to be a writer. Not just a casual reader of minimalist proportion – no. To be a good writer one must be a prolific reader of varied and interesting material.

Coming from a classical approach after twelve years of homeschooling, emphasis might be given to reading the Great Books. You’ll find no quibble about that.

We needn’t stop there. Contemporary literature can fill gaps, refresh your outlook, and provide a chance to learn jargon for conversing with a younger generation.


The first article included a list created by Stephen King (with attendant links to updates since the original post shared back in 2014). He emphasized that aspiring authors abandon a reading habit at risk of failure. Some find his writing fascinating – others find it scandalous (much like the evening news some days). Whatever your opinion, there is no denying Mr. King mastered the craft of writing.

The second reading came from this blog post by Hugh Howey. (Thanks to Linda Askiomatis for sharing.) If it seems Stephen King sets a high bar – this successful author raised his ante. He shared that in high school and college he read a book a day (no list given so perhaps those were not any in the Great Books series).

The third inspirational bloc of reading came while reviewing a backlog of posts by bloggers/authors. Their various works brought to mind the vital importance of interaction between writers and readers (particularly for blogs). One way to engage each other is to follow authors from around the world, interacting with their insights.

*PS: If these weren’t enough, yet another great article, published in the National Catholic register, traipsed across my desk within the past hour. It appears to hold another reading list worthy of study.

God sends messages all the time providing focus for our feeble efforts.


This section earned its title because the word ‘ruminating’ wanted airtime instead of the more often used ‘reflecting’. It means to say that after ingesting all of those words, fact or fiction, spend time thinking about them and the message they send. Either would fit, don’t you think?

Weigh it for truth, relevance, value, and application as you turn it in your thoughts. Write down important points you want to verify, remember, share, or quote. Revisit an article or book as many times as necessary to cement worthwhile tidbits as part of your understanding.


A dear friend from Italy (thanks Tony M.) posted a FB status today about prayer and its application. Writing is an application of prayer for many. One nice assurance that writing hits a bulls eye (evidenced by your most welcome comments below – hint, hint), is the sense of peace found in the process of creating. Particularly if some verse brings a smile to the reader.

So I sit here – rejoicing – in you… reading, ruminating, and writing. What is that but gift?


A Tuesday post of different ilk
than schedule set to bear..
yet in my heart were other words
that wanted to be shared.
In finding you I pray they stir
a sense of good to share;
a rhyming verse to bring a smile
or else, inspire a prayer!

Thanks so much for reading along!


Happy Rhyming, Friends!

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