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order on the blog

Ideas Too Many to Count – Working toward Order on the Blog

How many of you subscribe to one or more blogs? Of the ones you follow, have you noticed a particular order on the blog, with specific features landing on certain days of the week? Have you come to rely on a unique style or repetitive feature in your favorite blogger’s line-up? Or do you visit sites in hit-or-miss fashion, responding as headlines pique your interest? Perhaps you mix and match?

Some people thrive on chaos. The more irons in the fire, the more vibrant their spirit burns – the larger imprint they etch on the world. Swirling, consistent movement is natural – even sought after. Spontaneity joins disordered creativity, weaving colorful patterns of purpose throughout all they undertake. With these folks, we expect the unexpected, and are richer for their high octane energy boosts.

Other people would describe a meeting with chaos as a long climb up a very steep mountain. These folks have their own “give me more” moments, but generally speaking, some form of structure yields a better end product and keeps stress levels manageable. Though seeming to plod along (perhaps unimaginatively) according to routine, they produce equally unique, wonderful contributions to our lives. Dependability ushers in a cool, calm balance, creating stasis.

Looking Back to Look Forward

Since starting the RhymeLovingWriter™ site six months ago, opportunity arrived to guest blog at both Pelican’s Breast and Wordsowers. Poetry writing resulted in having cherita accepted for publication in the new online journal created just for that poetry form. Add to that the creation of rhymed treasure hunts almost monthly and inspiration to start a novel; one senses a rather chaotic pattern splotching itself down on a rhyme-loving landscape.

So what happens if I consider myself one of the ‘other people’ whose natural inclination is preference for order? Something like what is posted below. Admittedly, it’s ambitious for someone who still revises as she writes (instead of finishing and then editing). Not all of these will debut immediately, and I might not hit every category every week, but it gives you an idea of where I’m headed.

  • Monday – No blog post (work on novel & treasure hunt books)
  • Tuesday – Series of Fortunate Happenings (feel good stories)
  • Wednesday – Being PC in American Society Today (PC = Practicing Catholic)
  • Thursday – St. Thad (Something To Think About Day)
  • Friday Feature – From the Bookshelf/Quirky Quizzes/Tributes/Treasure Hunts (Coming this Fall)
  • Saturday – Weekend Whether Report (questions fostering discussion) (Coming this Fall)
  • Sunday – No blog post (unless God prompts – it is HIS day, after all)

All this – plus a rhyme alongside – like a little slice of heaven on earth, don’t you think?

Not Alone in This

Of course, what good is writing (even rhyme) if it doesn’t answer the interest or need of the reader? That’s where you come in! Are there particular items you’d like to see written about? Do you have questions about why Catholics in America today think or act the way they do? (I can’t speak for everyone, of course, but I’ll always try to find an answer.) What do YOU think and wonder about or find interesting to share? What about those hot button topics which cause so much discussion among family and friends?

Leave a comment below, or send a short note using the contact form. I’ll contact you when the post which addresses your question or interest goes live. Better yet, subscribe and you won’t miss a thing! Invite family and friends to travel along with us – there is a lot of room on the rhyming road.

Happy Rhyming, Friends!

But Wait . . . There’s More!

No ginsu knives, but I really couldn’t end this without at least a short rhyme. Could I?

She rhymes to left, she rhymes to write

She rhymes with no attendant fright

Those pummeled words which sound alike

get molded into soft-toned spike.

Addressing news or need or naught,

(perhaps she rhymes more than she ought?)

no flattery, cajoled, beguiled –

for all is well,

 if you but smile.




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