Paula S. Zwenger (aka Rhyme Loving Writer)

Paula wears many hats in life. Perhaps the most playful one is that of rhyme loving writer. Her joy manifests completely while wrangling words that roll the tongue with rhythm.

Ever a Kansas girl at heart, she spent twenty years traipsing the globe as a military spouse. That taught her to appreciate the diversity of God’s people. It also fueled a habit to seek and spread joy in any given situation.

Her roles change as time and place allow (or dictate). Though not quite as flexible as Gumby, stints as student, part-time teacher, admin assistant, bookkeeper, children’s theater co-director, youth minister, and home school teacher/administrator each shaped and shimmied her into a ‘Jill-of-many trades’.

She holds a BSBA from Hawaii Pacific University, an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering from Kansas Technical Institute, and a Certificate of Youth Ministry from the Center for Ministry Development.

Hobbies include reading, writing, singing, gardening, and playing word games.

She lives in KS with her high-school sweetheart, Patrick, with whom she shares over four decades of wedded bliss and together celebrates the gift of four children and five adorable grandchildren (one of each already waiting in heaven).

Her work has been featured at Pelican’s Breast, Wordsowers, and “thecherita”.

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