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The poetry on this page is loosely classified under the theme-feelings. Poems are listed in alphabetical order, by title, with a brief classifier in parenthesis after the title. A click on the title should link you to the start of the poem. You can navigate back to this list by clicking on the ‘top’ button after each poem.

A Day Without Poetry (Frustration – Free Verse)
Afternoon Musings (Frustration/Hope – Free Verse)
Another Day (Awareness – Senryu)
Answer (Seeking – Reverso)
Automaton (Sorrow – Prompt Poem – Rhymed)

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A Day without Poetry
demands of life calling
with strings attached
to bind fingers
away from keyboard
and thoughts
away from fancy
~ ~ ~
more to come
when summer sun
arranges travel
and visitors
amid service
~ ~ ~
however will I survive
a day



Afternoon Musings
fair and away
sweet vision
fair and away
~ ~ ~
tangled once…twice…thrice for fun
twine constricting full viewed palm
open, trusting, without doubt
~ ~ ~
slashed by inconvenience,
truth maligned – set back yet unbroken
wearied, sullen, fear-frozen
doggedly unfounded yet fluttering
~ ~ ~
tattered fragments
hoisted in defiance
one thread bare remaining
~ ~ ~
hanging, hoping, dreaming
into future possibility
prophecy fulfilled and fulfilling
in vision-sweetest desire



Another Day
life was simpler when
I knew it all; now that I’m
learning – things are tough.



for sweet
sad solitary soul
brought last refuge – forming
the brave new world – spinning
outside bounds of all known universe,
bringing comfort set for new and glorious
possibility. Defining all once questioned among noble men,
tumbling hapless into void beyond void into hapless, tumbling –
possibility. Defining all once questioned among noble men,
bringing comfort set for new and glorious
outside bounds of all known universe,
the brave new world – spinning
brought last refuge – forming
sad solitary soul
for sweet




Prompt – For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn. (Make the reader cry)

Sweetest daughter knew her mother, so much more than any other,
Could best understand the reasons that she didn’t say a word
There were flowers on the table (though it wasn’t very stable)
Any hope that they would comfort really bordered on absurd

With the room still full of people and the ringing in the steeple
Welcome noise as willing ether served to numb her saddened soul
Though most careful words were chosen still her visage remained frozen
And the pieces that were shattered would not ever be made whole

Overflowing cards in basket right beside the tiny casket
Spoke of sympathy and caring from those hurting by her side
Soon the grave mass would be mounded; lamentations full expounded
Solemn motorcade a rite where bitter grief would full abide

After journey held such detour she could never fully be sure
If a life without his presence she could fathom not to crave
Day by day she kept returning to the silent place of yearning
‘Til the day they found her lifeless right beside his little grave

Weeks beyond the day of mourning and despite most subtle warning
There had never been a place where hope could toe-hold in her view
Two dear lives by then were ended, those remaining, lives upended
If the first death was a wound the second tore their hearts in two

Those remaining blank with sorrow could not fathom, beg, or borrow
Ray of hope or word of comfort for a world so badly torn
So automaton in cleaning objects others would be gleaning
Drew staid signage un-redeeming –
For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.



  1. Janet (we met at Wordsowers)

    Paula, I love your poetry and the treasure hunts! So glad you are making full use of your empty nest years. 👍

    1. Post

      Yes, I remember you Janet! Thank you so much for stopping by to check out the site. I am woefully behind in posting additional poetry and treasure hunts. I’m working on one for flag day right now and hope to have it out by Thursday, 6/8, so people have time to get ready beforehand.
      It is indeed a blessing to be at this stage of life. I feel I’m only just beginning!
      Thanks again for leaving a comment. Subscribe if you’d like updates when I get something new posted!

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