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The poetry on this page is loosely classified under the theme-prayer. Poems are listed in alphabetical order, by title, with a brief classifier in parenthesis after the title. A click on the title should link you to the start of the poem. You can navigate back to this list by clicking on the ‘top’ button after each poem.

Mercy (Mercy – Free Verse)
Morning Prayer (Hope – Free Verse)
Night Prayer (Reflection/Examine – Free Verse)
Remembrance of You (Meditation – Free Verse)
What Love Is (Face/Facets of Love – Free Verse)

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she came
To the church on the square
To ponder, observe, and adore
. . .
In adoring the One
she could not truly understand,
attempts were made to love (the One)
by loving others
as herself
. . .
lay the snag. . .
how to follow this command when
she confused love
so many other things?
. . .
she felt  mercy
to believe there is
in even


Morning Prayer

low-bent brow
pressed upon breast
of He who comes to woo me
~ ~ ~
softest caress of grace
sent – received in freedom
stronger bond in choice unbound
than prideful boast
of braggart insecure
~ ~ ~
heart bled dry
for all
~ ~ ~
mourning souls
turned far away from
light – in truth
no darkness found
blackest night as day
reflective of the Son
~ ~ ~
no need has He of my refrain
yet heaven bound my chorus sings


Night Prayer

tepid twirl of nightfall
laboring dusk into darkness
bearing heavy, settled recollect of
undone, untreated day-designs
. . .
squelched between
verbal acknowledgement,
weighted expectation, and
post-partum reality
. . .
bordering insomnia-taunting
vortex, inconsistently staged,
here preening, there petulant,
in all places pulsing relentless
. . .
pause claimed, righteous with
indignation before gods impishly
demanding first-born fruits and
cherished children besides
. . .
weary tear-crusted sojourner
step into twirl tepid, fold into
nightfall darkening, release
bilious bemusement
. . .
fall into faith


Remembrance of You

Deeper still I long to see…into the Oneness which calls me
Because You created me.

As woman – adamae – you created me…to flower and bear fruit –
In pain and love – in body and soul.

Why do I think You are so different from myself?
You formed me from clay You created – in Your image…
You breathed life into me – Your breath…
Your thumbprint is on every fiber of my being…
I can never “be” without You.

Remembrance should be easy, automatic – like coming home.
Is sin so strong that it erases memories in fiber?

But salvation – love – is stronger than sin and death.

Guide me back to the place I was created –
As woman –
In Your image –
And let me love You there.

April 28, 2004 Knowles Mercy Spirituality Center, NE 2nd Day of 6-day silent retreat


What Love Is

one and the same in being,
still different vantage points
paint multitude of hues
~ ~ ~
here it battles, grasping for
acknowledgement – only
longing to be heard
~ ~ ~
here it lavishes, full-force
attention – each wishful whim fulfilled –
including those yet unbirthed,
intuited through intimacy
~ ~ ~
here it cradles, comforting in innocence,
betrayal, or flowing spirit of sympathy,
side by side
breath by breath
tear by tear
~ ~ ~
here it demands, in charity,
patience with differences,
willingness to suffer or keep silence
justice for all
~ ~ ~
these ponderings I prattle
~ ~ ~
Love speaks to me

and I attend


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