Poetry Theme-Relationship

The poetry on this page is loosely classified under the theme-relationship. Poems are listed in alphabetical order, by title, with a brief classifier in parenthesis after the title. A click on the title should link you to the start of the poem. You can navigate back to this list by clicking on the ‘top’ button after each poem.

And I Stood Waiting (Abandoned at Altar – Free Verse)
Again, Again (Love/Gratitude – Free Verse)
Close (Denial/Pain – Free Verse)
This Man of Mine (Marriage/Sacrifice/Thankfulness – Rhymed)
Voyages (Break-up – Free Verse)

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

And I Stood Waiting
train extended far beyond the norm
deep anticipation filled the air
murmured whisper effervesced
to nearly fever pitch
~ ~ ~
melody behind the crowd commenced
high above the vaulted realm
created for this end
~ ~ ~
joining hearts anew
in love’s embrace
~ ~ ~
when portal stood ajar
your place stood empty
from all assembled, gasp replaced avowal
~ ~ ~
and I stood waiting


Again, Again

take me to the moment
you were in my arms
I held you close
I breathed you in

light the evening fires
built from driftwood piled
I kissed your lips
I heard you sigh

that you have loved me
all these years
is nothing short
of miracle



if I cared
. . .
if I ever cared
. . .
perhaps my heart would be breaking
perhaps my days and nights and all between
would layer themselves out in ribbons of
unending pain…lasagna-style…
then too,
the aching weight of what-might-have-been coupled with
the aching weight of what-never-was
might crush more tender, rosy-hearted devotee of
everlasting love
…everlasting oneness
…everlasting hope
. . .
close call for likes of me
too close
. . .
for comfort


This Man of Mine

I’ve never fully understood, not even ‘til today
how bonds we formed so long ago have blessed us both to stay
It’s got to be a gracing, giving strength beyond our own
that holds this love together all through choices we have grown
You take two different people and conjoin them up for life,
a model tried through centuries, this husband with his wife

He’s not given to praising and perfection’s not his game
but oh, he works in many ways at loving, just the same
Today, for instance, when I rose, ‘to-do’ list on my mind
I came downstairs with heavy sigh and what gift did I find?
The tree and lights, near put away (Epiphany now passed)
he did a chore I didn’t like without it being asked

Some frown at my believing and they wonder at my hope
yet every day, some way I’m blessed with gifts that help me cope
My answer is in trusting full that come good days or bad
this sacramental bonding tarries not as passing fad
It’s choice each morn on rising new to honor and to bless
in ways the other may not know, or ever even guess

I don’t pretend all answers in this riddle that we live
but time and time again it seems we get more when we give
I share with you if you are blue that times can turn around
not Pollyanna pandering but truth that I have found
I’ll write the blues when they appear but sunshine rays this day
right now it’s time to ‘walk my talk’ with no more word delay

I’ll find the chore that blesses him and makes for brighter day
I’ll love it into being and amend my past delays
When gratitude is lacking I will turn my heart to prayer
And offer even that to God who meets me in His care
There’s nothing that I cannot do when guided by His call
In loving you, in loving Him, whose mercy saves us all

This poem initially featured in guest post on Pelican’s Breast



she ebbed where he flowed
he returned favor in kind
~ ~ ~
mesmerizing motion of rhythmic tidal melody
consumed their days
~ ~ ~
evolution altered things (posited theory)
~ ~ ~
one too many casts into sea of speculation
and deep beneath serenity of seeming placid seas
grew riptide of rebellion
~ ~ ~
she thought he would stay
~ ~ ~
he let himself be carried away