Presidential Riddle Rhymes – Trivia for Everyone

presidential riddle rhymes

Presidential Riddle Rhymes – Trivia for Everyone

Some folks will enjoy a paid holiday on Monday in honor of the celebration of President’s Day. Whether you are one of them – or just have a bit of free time and want to check your presidential trivia skills – the following riddle rhymes were created for your enjoyment. Add a layer of fun by bringing the family together and making it either a competitive or collaborative effort.

  • Read each rhyme separately
  • Use the clues given to solve the riddle rhymes
  • If playing competitive (or on teams) – give one point for each correct guess

Answers to the riddles can be found here.


Riddle Rhyme #1

This first rhyme is an easy one for warming up your brain

It asks a question simple and will bring no thinking pain

If you were going to keep a count of all who’ve held this spot

What number would you shout out now (a fraction it is not)?

Riddle Rhyme #2

When you consider all the years our country has maintained

This system of democracy we hope to long sustain

In all these years our Presidents have been elected free

Could you name him elected second (though he served term three)?

Riddle Rhyme #3

Let’s try just one more ‘warm-up’ style before we jump in deep

One man alone held on four terms as if to death to keep

The role on power’s central stage and he, a family man,

Used New Deal after New Deal in his economic plan

Riddle Rhyme #4

Let’s dial it up a little bit, this presidential game

And move on to a man who bore a duplicating name

Unique to him this factoid found perhaps gives telling bent:

the only man whose grandpa also served as president.

Riddle Rhyme #5

He served at turn of century (though I won’t tell which one)

He served among the cavalry or sheriff with a gun

From home school youth to Harvard grad then on to government

A furry toy is named for him, this nature loving gent

Riddle Rhyme #6

Let’s switch it up as we move on and try a different track

Instead of just another name, let’s quiz a different fact

This one is kind of somber but a number hits the spot

How many Presidents were killed in office (all were shot)?

Riddle Rhyme #7

We know that up in Washington there’s business to be done

And Presidents are men whose job will keep them on the run

But history will show they all were family men as well

Which one had fifteen children? If you know it you should tell.

Riddle Rhyme #8

New Mexico and Arizona have that southwest vibe

Also known as home to several famous native tribes

Can you say now which President was serving on the dates

When they first joined the Union and became official states?

Riddle Rhyme #9

In recent decades in this office more than once there’s been

A re-election success in the lives of a few men

Of two-term leaders serving in last thirty years or so

Which man was the youngest of them all when he took oath?

Riddle Rhyme #10

Our leaders came from varied occupations you will find

From farmers, lawyers, statesmen – one an engineer of mines

A portion of our Presidents were military men

How many ranked as generals before we swore them in?


How Did You Do?

Did you know all of them? Share your results below in the comments section and then share the site with a friend and challenge them to beat your total! Also, please let me know if you enjoyed this format so I can create more of the same (new subject matter of course).

Happy Rhyming and Riddling, Friends!





  1. Forty five
  2. John Adams
  3. Franklin Roosevelt
  4. Benjamin Harrison
  5. Theodore Roosevelt
  6. Four -Lincoln-16th, Garfield-20th, McKinley-25th, Kennedy-35th
  7. John Tyler
  8. William Howard Taft
  9. Bill Clinton 46 years, 5 months
  10. 12 – William H. Harrison, Zachary Taylor, Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James A. Garfield, Chester A. Arthur, Benjamin Harrison, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Andrew Jackson, Franklin Pierce and Andrew Johnson, and George Washington

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