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quick quiz administrative professionals day

2017 continues ticking by at record pace. A flip through the calendar as we near the month of May reveals several celebratory dates listed in bold for attention.

New Year’s Eve? Check.
Valentine’s Day? Check.
St. Patrick’s? Check.
Easter? Check.

But wait – there’s more – and it’s not a set of ginsu knives!

Your calendar this week likely contains another bolded entry for Administrative Professional’s Day. Several countries around the globe give recognition to skilled administrative personnel near the end of April or beginning of May (South Africa chooses September for its celebration).

Unless you work in the field or manage those who do, this one may have eluded blipping your radar. It’s actually been around, under a different moniker, for decades. Why not check out how much you really know about this bolded calendar entry by taking a quick quiz? As always, rhyme rules as the order of the day.

The Quiz – Point Tallying Optional (but highly encouraged for fun)


It had a different other name when first it came to be
But soon was changed to broaden scope, not all that recently
If you remember what is was when first it came about
You score one point to add to tally – speak up but don’t shout


You may know when it started though the fact was news to me
I had to go and look it up to write this rhyming spree
You get one point for naming of the first year it held sway
And bonus five for knowing who did first proclaim this day


So now you have a rough idea of the early days
The celebration’s changed since then in several dif’rent ways
No longer is it only secretaries recognized
These days can you say why this day is sometimes criticized?


We all have an opinion as to if it’s good or bad
But never being recognized for work could make you mad
If you work in this field we bet your preferences are clear
What are the top five gifts suggested for the day this year?
(Bonus 20 points if you list them correctly and in the order from the source sited!)

(Answers found at the end of this post.)


So now you either hold bragging rights or perhaps are hiding away somewhere hanging your head over the results. No worries. Think how much more prepared you’ll be next year when this celebration comes around.

One Last Rhyme – No Teasing This Time

Recognition. Celebration. Praise and thanks. Regardless of your profession, career or vocation, it’s nice to feel appreciated. So say something nice to those around you who make life easier – daily would be nice!

Administrative Professionals Day

He, or she, or they, or them – often hidden office gems
smart about the detail work smoothing out the business jerks
(or would hic-cups be more right to describe the output blight
when this person calls in sick?) No replacing ‘on the quick’.
Here’s a day to recognize, maybe even empathize
with the ones, most days, forgot. Tell them ‘thanks’. That’s not a lot.
Even better than the praise might just be a hefty raise,
if deserving on this day? Please remember, either way.

Happy Rhyming, Friends – Whatever Your Profession!







  1. National Secretaries Day – 1 point  (More info found here.)
  2. June 4, 1952 – 1 point    Charles Sawyer – 5 points  (More info found here.)
  3. Considered patronizing and demeaning – 1 point each (More info found here.)
  4. Day off, gift certificate to dinner for you and spouse/guest, bonus or raise, paid career development seminar or training, and a massage. (More info found here.)


  1. Suzanne Martikas

    Great post for the sometime very under appreciated admin folks!!

    Thank you for the reminder! Love the rhyme and the history.


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