Quick Quiz – 5 Questions for 5th Week of Easter

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Those Catholics STILL Celebrating? Why yes, yes we ARE!

Since the joy of Easter morning, many Catholic parishes have celebrated Sacraments of First Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation. Add to that baccalaureate Masses, weddings, and the feasts of Divine Mercy Sunday, Our Lady of Fatima 100th Anniversary, and next week The Solemnity of Our Lord’s Ascension – and there seems to always be something wonderful filling the liturgical calendar.

And it’s no wonder either – since there is so much in life to celebrate. There is the other side of the coin, where the valley of death and consequences of sin hold sway. We hear about it all day, every day in the main stream news.

The up side needs a platform too – consider this your dose of happy for the day!

Simple Easter  Season Trivia Quiz in Rhyme

I first heard the refrain “Ain’t no party like a Catholic party” nearly five years ago at a trivia night hosted by a local parish. That quote, and the Easter season, sparked the idea of writing a trivia quiz in rhyme. Give yourself a point, cheer, and pat on the back for every correct answer.

Here goes:

Calendars have different seasons, Catholics have them too
After Lent we have our Easter, seasons both renew
One has more days than the other. Do you know which one?
Extra points to name how many (hint: it’s more than one)

Q 1a. Which has more days – the Lenten or Easter season?
Q1b. Is it 5, 10, or 15 days longer?

One week after Easter there’s a celebration fine
On a Sunday and it tells of mercy so Divine
Named because our Lord appeared to someone (hint: a nun)
Can you name that someone from this list – pick only one.

Q2. Which of the following was received the Divine Mercy message?
St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, St. Maria Faustina Kowalska, or St. Jude of Antioch

Here to liven up your quizzing comes a tougher ask
Maybe even Catholics won’t appreciate the task
of giving an answer. Some may find it too obscure.
Where did the Ascension happen? Do you know for sure?

Q3. Most scholars agree that the Ascension took place on:
Mt. Tabor, Mt. Olivet, Mt. McKinley, or Mt. Ararat

Yet another question that I wager you will know
It concerns the Sacraments from which our graces flow.
Three are of Initiation, Baptism, you’ve heard.
Then is First Communion. But now which is numbered third?

Q4. The third and final sacrament in the Sacraments of Initiation is:
First Reconciliation, Christening, Confirmation, or Anointing of the Sick

Last I write to tell you that I loved your taking time
To attempt to answer all this trivia in rhyme
Always learning how God loves plus other things so new
When will Easter season really end? (It’s Sunday too!)

Q5. Easter season ends with the celebration of:
Trinity Sunday, Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, Pentecost Sunday, or Corpus Christi Sunday

Answers found at the end of this post.


Continued Happy Easter Season, Friends – Rhyme Away!













Easter season
10 (50 vs. 40 days)
St. Maria Faustina Kowalska
Mt. Olivet
Pentecost Sunday


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