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Where and When did Rhyme Loving Start?

Do you remember reciting nursery rhymes in childhood? Have you ever joined in a treasure hunt? Perhaps puzzled out a riddle or two? Could that have been the basis of a rhyme loving start?

For some people, rhyming comes naturally. They think, dream, and write in rhyme. They don’t take time to wonder where the rhymes come from, even when they begin creating treasure hunts with rhyme in tow. Rhyming and riddles blend together naturally. Depending on the theme chosen for a hunt (i.e. pirates or princesses) clues roll themselves out with ease.

Pirates with patches should not play with matches
but treasure forbidden like clues must be hidden
If you take ten paces in all the wrong places
you won’t find the next clue which hides in a big shoe


Princesses often make princes hearts soften;
a slipper gets lost at a very great cost
Yet if he can find her and give her reminder
then they can be wed (for your clue check the bread)

Before long, entire adventures build themselves up around those same sounding words! Most stories and hunts on this site follow generic, secular themes – perfect to use as games for a party or family get-together.

But coming very soon you’ll find Catholic themes getting their rhyme loving start in the queue as well! Created as supplements during years of Catholic homeschooling, these hunts offer a unique and precise way to share faith in addition to fun.

Not Only for Children

Rhymes and treasure hunts are often touted as children’s fare. This RhymeLovingWriter™ doesn’t think it has to stay that way. In fact, most  treasure hunts you’ll find here require the help of a good reader to bring out the nuance of the verse.

Nothing livens up a pirate hunt more than a gravelly voice with sinister overtones. Piety finds a home in prayerful recitation when sharing the many titles of Mary in the hunt honoring the Blessed Virgin. Everywhere and in-between, rhyme provides a rollicking roll to keep the cadence going.

Fun for the family remains uppermost in mind when new hunts are formulated. Treasure hunts found here encourage interaction between age groups and families, all while building precious memories.

Need some convincing? Click here to view a sample (six-clue) rhymed treasure hunt created especially for February Feasts around the World. Down load it for FREE and try it out!

Unique Content

There are many sites on the internet where you can find treasure hunt clues. Some offer a few hunts that follow a theme, others make their clues rhyme without that touch. One site houses a database where you can create your own hunt once you’ve joined their subscription service.

RhymeLovingWriter™ offers you something new and different:

  • Unique Catholic themes – only place to find hunts that include faith terms and focus
  • Educational – rhymed clues composed with an eye to teach new facts in fun ways
  • Affordable – formulated for low-cost implementation; some include suggested prizes/supply lists
  • Convenience – instructions, clues, & support materials (if applicable) in one easy download
  • Adaptability– useful for varied occasions (i.e. birthdays, feast days, school breaks, etc.)

Most hunts include eight to ten-stanzas telling a story or leading an adventure from place to place in or around your home, or in some cases, your local park.

The page containing the list of rhymed scavenger hunts is currently under construction. Sign up for my newsletter (in the sidebar or below) to receive notifications every time a new hunt comes online.

Let this RhymeLovingWriter™ help you get a rhyme loving start to brighten and rejuvenate your day!

A hunting we will go – you know – along our merry ways
If laughter sidles up beside, it makes for brighter days
You needn’t look to distant shore to find your passage clear
Just take a gander at these hunts to get your laugh in gear

Happy Rhyming Everyone!






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