Rhymed Treasure Hunts

 rhymed treasure hunts

Rhymed Treasure Hunts – What Started it All

Everybody has a back story – sometimes amusing, sometimes embarrassing tales of what brings them to today.  The story behind the RhymeLovingWriter™ site goes back to my childhood. The spark that lit the fire happened on my ninth birthday. I don’t remember if it was rhymed, but I do remember the happy surprise of a treasure hunt.

I thought it would be a birthday like any other. We’d eat cake. I’d open a gift or two, and we’d sing and play games – the usual fare. Then, much to my amazement, my brother presented me with clues to decipher in a search for presents.

This unexpected twist added great fun to the day! When I found a heavy, jingling box of 100 pennies from my Grandma Basgall (in a recycled check-blank box) – I was rich – not only for the coinage, but for the experience!

That tiny seed of special memory simmered in creative juices for a long time before RhymeLovingWriter™ took shape.

Memories . . .

You probably have strong memories of childhood experiences too. Have any happy ones stayed with you? (I would love to hear about them!) The memory of that special birthday stayed with me all these years later – sparking enthusiasm for clues and hunting. It served as motivation to create something special for our children once we started hosting birthday parties. Over the years I’ve created special hunts for other occasions too:

  • an elaborate Hawaiian Island treasure hunt for a parish picnic
  • a short, faith-based hunt for a youth group meeting
  • hunts for each of our grand kids’ birthdays

Variety, Fun and Learning to Boot

Each clue in my hunts intentionally rhymes. I want to amuse, inform, and excite (perhaps even educate) as you search and seek treasure.  My inventory breaks down into two main categories:

  • Uniquely Catholic (i.e. Christmas, Easter, named Saints, liturgical year)
  • Secular or General (i.e. seasonal, holidays, birthdays)

Each category contains hunts covering universal or specific themes. Generic clue locations ensure adaptive hunts for diverse home settings. Mixed age or family groups compete or cooperate to win (some hunts geared toward younger children).

All hunts lovingly crafted for maximum fun and memory-making!

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As always – Happy Rhyming….and soon….Happy Hunting too!