New Feature: A Series of Fortunate Happenings

series of fortunate events

What is “A Series of Fortunate Happenings”?

Each day television or radio reports and social or print media blast negative news around the globe. No dearth of dire behaviors exists among nations, including our own.  Placing focus primarily on this type of information colors our concept of reality. It eventually crushes our future hopes and dreams. If nothing else, it makes us quarrelsome, with teeth set on edge and wary of interaction.

Occasionally we happen upon a feel-good article which lifts spirits or restores faith in humanity. We marvel at the courageous strength of unsung heroes while silently applauding their model behavior. Sometimes, we share their stories to inspire others as well as ourselves. Unfortunately, good news makes appearances less often than we like.

Countering Negative with Positive

In effort to change the numbing cycle of disheartening coverage, RhymeLovingWriter™ decided to shine a light every now and then on what is going RIGHT in the world. These posts contain a synopsis of stories where things ended well. This sharing constitutes a Series of Fortunate Happenings (SofFH).

Perhaps these positive stories will provide brief respite in the face of all the bad news blaring out there.

Quick Trio of Tales (SofFH #1)

Here’s an idea of the kind of stories to grace this series of posts.

  • Neighbors Loving Neighbors – First, some local flavor. Three weeks ago, a pair of tornadoes ripped through the town we currently call home. Now two weeks after the storm, someone anonymously left a gift card in the mailbox of a damaged home to help with rebuilding. Also, a group of individuals contributed to rent a chipper, travelling around helping anyone still in need. No one makes anyone do these good deeds – yet love of neighbor is on full display.
  • Small Town Successes – Second, a little further out, but still in state, is the story of Red Cloud, Nebraska. It’s long been said that small towns die out. Yet some work to successfully reverse the trend. In this article they focus to build on peoples’ strengths, instead of needs. They’ve added a childcare center to an existing nursing home. It’s similar to a model being tried in the Netherlands with college students.  Both are great solutions meeting a need.
  • Heifer International – Bangladesh Style – Lastly, focus out of country. Many of you know of world relief organizations (perhaps donate to a few). One Christmas, our children received charitable gifts made in their name to Heifer International. This article features Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, founder of BRAC, a similar effort. Charity that began at home ripples outward with positive effect when shared.


There are many stories which speak of good acts and show the positive side of human nature. Perhaps something similar happened in your own backyard? I’d love to highlight it in this space as I continue the SofFH theme. Comment below or send me a link.

The good that’s done for fellow man
will not attract regrets.
Far likelier the opposite –
since goodness – good begets.
Perhaps a neighbor lent a hand
to grace your world in need?
Your walk, inspired by others’ care,
sustained by loving creed.
In giving self, the greatest gift,
God’s kingdom shines anew;
with sacrifice, conjoined to His,
extending out from you.

Happy Giving , Friends!




  1. Janet Sobczyk

    RLW, your post about changing overly-ambitious plans reminds me of the beginning and end of every summer. I always create an ambitious to-do list for the summer, but by the end have only done half of it. Instead of beating myself up for it, I’ve come to realize that if I didn’t create the ambitious list, summer would end with very little to show for it. At least I get half done! (Glass half full thinking.)
    So keep making those posting goals and keep writing. It suits you!

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