Salute – Seuss Style


Who Can Resist Seuss?

Do you remember your first ever Dr. Seuss book? Perhaps a lucky parent or teacher navigated the tongue twisting turns for your enjoyment. Or did you tackle a treasured tome of his on your own? Maybe you watched one of the classical TV specials instead to learn about Horton, the Grinch or the ever famous cat in top hat.

Few who read or recite Seuss remain indifferent to his unique style. They either delight in whimsy or surrender in tongue-tied submission. Regardless, almost any English speaker of the past six decades familiar with his unique creations has a good chance of knowing at least one of his many famous lines by heart.

For over thirty-five years, the unique poetical styling of Theodore Geisel has spelled J-O-Y in the lexicon of my heart. His rhyming through wildly nonsensical pathways of wonder speaks truths to children of all ages.

He authored the first poetry outside of prayer ever memorized by our children. The gift of memorizing Seuss became a surprisingly easy side-effect transferred onto parents who read and reread his books nightly as part of a bedtime ritual. To this day, if you get my husband started with a line or two he is likely to recite several of the books from start to finish!

A Seussical-Style Tribute

Today, in honor of Dr. Theodore Geisel (AKA Dr. Seuss), please enjoy the following poem composed a few months ago as a challenge on TheProse, a writing website which celebrates authors of many genres and forms.

A Seuss-i-cal Week

I woke up on Sunday
quite ready for church;
backed out in my Hyundai
to crash with a lurch!
My pleasant demeanor
(which started the day)
crushed flat by the beaner
I got in the fray!


On Monday, I figured
things couldn’t get worse,
but that folly triggered
more reason to curse.
The ride I’d finagled
(my car in the shop)
was out getting bageled
and forgot to stop!


That might be forgiven
when Tuesday arrived
if she hadn’t driven
where bees had been hived.
Ten stings were the answer
(allergic I’m not),
my jumps like a dancer
throughout parking lot!


By Wednesday, though weary,
I tried to regroup.
I even got cheery
and packed me some soup.
It tasted so yummy
(while warming me through),
I filled up my tummy
and went to the zoo!


I’m glad that my bosses
by Thursday could see
I’d dealt them no losses
and cost them no fee.
It’s not that I’m lazy
(I work really hard),
but life had been crazy
for this week, so far.


On Friday, you know it,
I counted the tocks
though I couldn’t show it
by watching the clocks.
I don’t think it’s stretching
(in fact I’m quite sure)
to say all my kvetching
had only one cure –


and that was for free time,
now Saturday bound.
A ‘what do you see’ rhyme
in Seuss-i-cal-sound
I’ve writ for a week
(though it’s only a lark).
Life isn’t so bleak
if your car can stay parked!

Which was YOUR favorite Dr. Seuss creation? Post in the comments below!

Happy Rhyming, Everyone!

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