Shrove Tuesday Treasure Hunt

shrove tuesday treasure hunt

Shrove Tuesday Post – to Round Out February

Did your month of February fly by too? It took little time to reach the end of the shortest month of the calendar year. This year the last day of February falls on Tuesday. FAT Tuesday (Mardi Gras), the day before Ash Wednesday is in the queue and then the Lenten season starts.

Catholics also know Mardi Gras as Shrove Tuesday, in honor of the long standing tradition to be shriven on this day. To shrive means to be forgiven of sins. It is one wonderful way to prepare for the intense spiritual journey of Lent.

Four Clue Treasure Hunt

In keeping with tradition of the joy that follows repentance and forgiveness, you’ll find here a quick, four clue treasure hunt to serve your entertainment needs. Most treasure hunts offered at RhymeLovingWriter™ will be longer and more detailed, but time sneaked up on me too with this one! Short and sweet, like the pancake and king cake recipes it contains, but full of fun. Download it for free here, and make your last day of February special.

If you hold a pancake race or make a mask or other Mardi Gras craft, please post a picture in the comment section below for everyone to see.

Happy Mardi Gras – and Happy Rhyming!

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