St. Thad: Something to Think About Day

st thad

Are you a thinker – or a doer? Or both?

Somewhere amid the days of growing older we come to realizations about ourselves.  One of these might be that we think about things – a lot. The doers of the world frown upon excessive thinking, and vice versa, but the world needs all kinds of people. We bring our best skills to the table of life and set them out to provide a feast for all.

Names spanning the centuries, such as Socrates, Aquinas, and Tesla, represent historic figures noted for thinking prowess. In nod to the muse-inspired, perhaps other names take the foreground, like Michelangelo, Shakespeare, or Mozart. Along with others, these rank preeminent among the vast upper echelons of “think-dom”. (No, that is not a real word – it’s a neologism. I tend to favor them in my poetry.)

The point being made is that thinking occupies a good deal of time in the life of a writer. We research, consider, write, ponder, rewrite, and imagine on higher frequency than some other professions. It seemed a natural fit then, to include a feature blog dedicated to thoughts on a specific topic. In keeping with PC ethos mentioned in this blog post, “Something To Think About Day” condensed itself to St. Thad.

Not just any St. Thad!

There’s a tiny back story involved. It’s not exactly self-complimentary, so I’ll keep it brief.

When I first learned to drive, there may have been two separate instances when accidents happened which caused my father, an able and accomplished auto body mechanic-turned-farmer, to use his skills to repair dented or smashed (OK – totaled) vehicles. Or maybe it was the same vehicle. They do all look alike to some of us.

At any rate, after same-said incidents, my mother decided upon the appropriateness of putting a St. Jude holy card in any car I might be allowed to drive. Did I mention that St. Jude is the patron saint of “desperate cases and lost causes”? Did I also mention that his full name is St. Judas Thaddeus? You can read more about him here.

Full Prayer Protection plus Request

Well, there you have it. St. Thad seemed an entirely perfect match of patron saint for this little blog series. Feel confident, as a reader, his intercession has been and will be invoked to protect me from straying off too far into the weeds going forward.

Several topics that stew in my mind regularly wait in the wings. You’ll see them expounded in the coming weeks. I am also confident there are LOTS of thinkers reading this in similar predicament. Would you be interested in writing a guest post for this spot? Contact me through this link and we’ll talk.


As Rodin sculpted long ago ‘The Thinker’, of great fame
This series follows in those steps with slightly altered name
To ponder or consider things may bring a clearer sight
beyond the simple, cursory ‘once-overs’ that we might
be tempted to fall into, in our world of rushing time.
We’ll recollect, imagine, and then write it out in rhyme.

Happy Thinking, Friends!

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