To-Do Lists – Helpful or Hooey?

to-do lists

Motivation? Organization? Who Cares? Just “To-Do” It!

Just a little poll to start – how many of you make to-do lists? Do you follow them? Did you make one for today?

I admit to having a love-hate relationship with to-do lists for almost as long as I can remember. If kept simple, short and specific – success is achievable. However, often everything but the kitchen sink finds its way onto my to-do lists, usually spelling disaster.

It’s never a great feeling at the end of the day to discover over half of a list still awaiting attention. I’ve actually gone back and added things not originally on to-do lists to make them look better. Crazy, right?

The good news is that now I add ‘writing’ near the top of the list every day. That means that no matter how many poems I piddled at, success meets me early in the day.

Frigid Friday Fun

A jingled chime marked clear the time
as wind blew swift and biting;
the air-filled lilt aroused some guilt
which caused my conscience fighting.

Would it be best, (a bums request),
to do this now or later?
Came mind’s reply, “Don’t ask this guy –
a pro procrastinator!”

It had such sport with quick retort
my spirit fell, diminished.
Yet mounted chores (which I found bores)
still needed to be finished.

Myself I shook, while list I took,
that lazy lout shoo-shooing;
As wind-chimes peeled, resolve was steeled
to finish my “To-Do” ing.


What do you think? Are to-do lists best for motivation? Organization? Both? Neither? “Chime in” below to share your experiences.

Happy Rhyming, Friends!

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