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Couplet of Valentines Poems

Love is a beautiful thing. Greeting card companies, florists, jewelers and probably candy companies too – are celebrating today as they busily fill orders for star-crossed lovers. Gifts are wrapped, exchanged, and cherished with oohs and aahs all around.

Sometimes, the best and most loving gifts don’t require wrapping. They come undeserved, unexpectedly, and with quiet awareness of the blessings of love in its many forms. The couplet of poems that follow speak to love in that ‘other’ sense – no cards, flowers, jewelry, or candy required.

This Man of Mine

I’ve never fully understood, not even ‘til today
how bonds we formed so long ago have blessed us both to stay
It’s got to be a gracing, giving strength beyond our own
that holds this love together all through choices we have grown
You take two different people and conjoin them up for life,
a model tried through centuries, this husband with his wife

He’s not given to praising and perfection’s not his game
but oh, he works in many ways at loving, just the same
Today, for instance, when I rose, ‘to-do’ list on my mind
I came downstairs with heavy sigh and what gift did I find?
The tree and lights, near put away (Epiphany now passed)
he did a chore I didn’t like without it being asked

Some frown at my believing and they wonder at my hope
yet every day, some way I’m blessed with gifts that help me cope
My answer is in trusting full that come good days or bad
this sacramental bonding tarries not as passing fad
It’s choice each morn on rising new to honor and to bless
in ways the other may not know, or ever even guess

I don’t pretend all answers in this riddle that we live
but time and time again it seems we get more when we give
I share with you if you are blue that times can turn around
not Pollyanna pandering but truth that I have found
I’ll write the blues when they appear but sunshine rays this day
right now it’s time to ‘walk my talk’ with no more word delay

I’ll find the chore that blesses him and makes for brighter day
I’ll love it into being and amend my past delays
When gratitude is lacking I will turn my heart to prayer
And offer even that to God who meets me in His care
There’s nothing that I cannot do when guided by His call
In loving you, in loving Him, whose mercy saves us all

Recently featured in guest blog at Pelican’s Breast

Voices on the Stair

I paused with thanks to listen, to voices, on the stair
They did not know my presence nor could they see me there
I listened for a moment in thanks my heart did swell
The talk and laughter lifted me as stories they did tell

Their visiting was music to ears long time without
The moment grace-filled mercy, of that I have no doubt
To be with them for moments, to be with them at all
Must be a bit like Eden, in days before the fall

Or not perhaps that perfect, but earth-bound seeming so
I cherished in this moment, no thought of when they’d go
Then as I walked around this home in which, by grace, I live
I saw that each, in sharing, had something rare to give

They gave with hands of service, they gave words meant for laugh
They gave with generosity, and all on our behalf
Their love was strong and palpable, resounding to my core
To be so loved by God and men, I could not ask for more

And yet in boldness straining, from humble place of mine
I pray all days, all seasons, that our wills would be Thine
May all our lives show promise of heaven which awaits
May all our souls be straining to reach to heaven’s gates

We pause, with thanks, to listen, to Voice wherever found
We set our hearts and hands to work to live on holy ground
The ground I trod was holy, that day upon the stair
For in my family’s presence, I know That God was there

Happy Valentines Day Friends – Keep Rhyming!

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