~ A day without rhyme
is like a day without sunshine. ~

Welcome Home!

Welcome to the newest home to rhyme on the internet. This spot aims to create joy – through artful use of rhyme. Same-sound words show up as stars or supporting cast at many writer’s doors, pleading to take the stage. Throughout the many acts awaiting audition at RhymeLovingWriter™ they will likely play a starring role – quite at home on the “boards of bardship”.

Why Rhyme?

Here at RhymeLovingWriter™, you’ll find rhyme-guys popping up in blog posts, serving as the foundation for a catalog of rhymed treasure hunts, or smuggling themselves into quite a bit of poetry (like the poem at the bottom of this page). All of this rhyming may set you to wondering, why?

That’s an easy question to answer – to make you laugh – out loud if possible! This rhyme-scape wants to tickle your ears and snag your smiles. Even better, it wants to make you feel like you’ve had your heart wrapped in word hugs (like easing into your favorite recliner at the end of a productive day).

The overall aim is to twofold:

  1. lighten your mood
    2. provide resources so you can do the same for the people you meet


You’re invited!

Life leads each of us down a particular pathway. Now that your path has meandered upon RhymeLovingWriter™, take a look around. This place exists to increase your joy.

Once upon a time, a woman wrote in rhyme
With words designed to woo, she offered them to you
Producing smiles of joy, her wits she did employ
So YOUR life would be sweet, and hers much more complete


Welcome Friends & Happy Rhyming!