Where Did Kindness Go?


Kindness – the Dwindling Commodity

This past few weeks, acts of kindness took center stage. During terrible natural disasters around the world, we heard and saw story after story of neighbor helping neighbor and strangers helping anyone in need. They did it not for reward or recognition, but rather because it was the right thing to do. It warmed our hearts to witness such love.

The many selfless actions were wonderful. May they continue as we face future struggles.

The actions spoke love but the words…oh my, the words.

Kindness – is Never Arrogance

Some chose these disasters as an opportunity to chastise any who disagreed with them on various political stances. Perhaps in some righteous fashion it appeared as kindness to sternly correct those considered misinformed or uninformed dissenters. I feel hopeful that they also felt compassion for those in need, but the temptation to use the situation to further an agenda won out.

Most every person who feels passionate about issues falls prey to this tendency at some point or other. I’ve done it myself a time or two.

However, being one who advocates caution, particularly when perception warns of ‘crowd think’ or moral panic (a term I learned this past week from my son in college), my views on some issues are currently in the minority. I don’t mind being in the minority. The freedom to draw my own conclusions speaks volumes about the gift of having been born in a place still largely considered a great country founded on constitutional rights, with power vested in the people.

Consideration, attempted charity in speech, and humility win the attention of my heart these days.

Kindness – Doing Away with Public Shaming

In reflecting on these thoughts, the following poem found its way onto the page. I tried something new that I’ve seen Karen Mooney, a poet friend in Ireland, do (you can check out her blog here or listen to her read her poetry here). Mine is a beginning attempt, but I hope it brings you a smile or encouragement, or both.


If you’d like to be part of keeping the practice of “kindness with words” going, please add a comment below about the kindest thing you heard or said in the past week. Then pass this on to your friends and ask them to comment too!

Thinking Kind Thoughts – in Rhyme


  1. Suzanne Martikas

    Kindness is so terribly hard when faced with such brutality sometimes – either in your face or to others.

    I am with you on the “shaming and blaming” game. I do not see it do much in the way of helping or teaching.

    Great blog!! Thank you!

    1. Post

      Thanks for checking this out Suzanne! I agree with you. It can be difficult to remain civil, much less kind, when folks are in your face. I saw a meme awhile back about a tense situation, but the ‘aggressor’ (for lack of a better term), was mostly reacting that way because of their own bad situation. It had little to do with the other party, and they were oblivious or incapable of realizing the harmful effects they caused. Which translates for me into – sometimes people just need a release. I get that. When it happens consistently, or a person develops a pattern of blaming and shaming everyone else, it bleeds ill feelings into whatever relationship existed. Hopefully, if more of us can respond with kindness (daily effort required), things can change for the better. You have a gentle spirit which inspires good thoughts and patient interaction. I’m thankful for all the kind comments you’ve left for me, either here, or at the Rhymezone. From what I’ve seen, you’re already living this!

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