What’s Outside Your Window? Maybe A Cardinal?

window cardinal


One true benefit of working from home has been to set up the writing desk near a window with a view of our backyard. We live in town, and though our lot isn’t super spacious, we have grass, garden, and patio spaces to enjoy. We’ve been blessed with a rainy spring this year. Now still in the early days of summer, vegetation remains lush and green. While the backdrop is engaging, it’s the antics of the animals which bring the space to life.

Usually it’s the squirrels that capture my attention. Two to four of these furry creatures regularly chase each other up, down, and around the trunk of the rugged old ash tree that dominates the back yard. Their nests are high up in the branches but they dip down daily for rummaging in the pile of corn seed we leave just under the tree.

A host of sparrows that populated the pine tree just to the west of the kitchen window for the last five years may have relocated. We’ve been neglectful of filling their feeder consistently – perhaps they’ve moved to seedier pastures? Hopefully we can entice them back because their antics are also joyful to observe.

Each spring we usually have at least one cardinal pair too. They must nest somewhere nearby because at least once a day for the last week papa will pop into the backyard. It’s on one such occasion that the following was inspired:

Red-Winged Wonder

He flits! Alights,
small branch bent low;
bold color flash
out my window.
He’s back! I see
this time he hops
from frame to frame
of garden crops.
My heartbeat skips
a joyful dance
when he appears
by happenstance.
He’ll never know
his briefest flight
can turn my day
from blue to bright.
Fine feathered friend
who brings such lift,
I thank you for
your red-winged gift!

What’s outside your window today? Please share your view below!

Happy Rhyming (and window watching), Friends!

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