World Poetry Day – Who Even Knew?

world poetry day

World Poetry Day – March 21, 2017

People, places and events often surprise us. You learn something new about someone you’ve know for a long time. Maybe a brochure arrives with information about a destination you never knew existed. Perhaps a totally unheard of celebration blips itself smack dab onto the middle of your radar.

One such blip appeared for me today in the form of World Poetry Day! How many of you knew that today is World Poetry Day? My guess would be – not many. Then again, how could you, unless you are a poet or your path crossed with one or more folks who enjoy writing poetry? It’s lovely to learn about and certainly bears noting!

Actually this particular date for the celebration has only been around since 1999. People around the globe used to celebrate in October (some still do). Also coming soon is National Poetry Month (April in the US and Canada), so this one-day nod to poetry provides a nice little ‘teaser’ to whet our appetite for more poetical merry-making to come.

Poetic Glimpses – Past Treasures

Before moving ahead though, let’s take a look back. Do you recall mention of in some earlier posts here at RhymeLovingWriter™? The site is a valuable resource for writers. It contains a huge database of rhyme terms to search if you get ‘stuck’ in your rhyme-writing adventures.

It also offers a welcoming support group through its forum. This feature on the site has proved invaluable over the past year. The critiques, comments, and playful back and forth between the myriad of poets who post there have turned the individual poets into a family-like group.

Yet just this past week, several poets shared original works they’d unexpectedly unearthed. Either they’d forgotten they ever wrote them, or didn’t feel warranted sharing for some other reason.

What we discovered is that our collective poetic leanings run deep. We also witnessed how our current style preferences were present even ‘way back when’ in some pieces we wrote. The fact that those remembrances blossomed very near the approach of World Poetry Day turned a happy coincidence – into this post.

Everyone a Poet at Heart

Do you have a box of poems hidden away on some top closet shelf or buried in some dark corner of a bureau? Perhaps your verse chronicles the angst of a juvenile break-up or captures the rhymed tragedy of the loss of a beloved pet? Maybe you lean toward the lighter side and wax rhapsodic of sunrises/sunsets or far distant mountain peaks? Maybe you’ve never penned a poem but are just itching to try.

Let’s encourage each other, in honor of World Poetry Day, to seize the day and celebrate past or unrealized attempts at writing a poem. No particular form or style holds sway – only a willingness to put pen to paper or fingertips to keypad and create. I’ll go first.


ages passed in blur of time
written straight or written rhymed
all recorded for recall
building hope when kingdoms fall
mending hearts when light glows dim
soothing her/soothing him
constant, growing, poet-penned
words for life, from birth to end


World Poetry Day Invitation

During research, I came across this article, World Poetry Day: Top 5 Poems of All Time. It contains a strong list of great poems. It also got me wondering whether or not you’d agree with the list. Won’t you take a moment to post ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ in the comment section below?

Feel free to rearrange the order of the list given, substitute titles, or create your own unique ‘top 5’ list to share. Or, if anyone could narrow it down to just one, leave that name below.

Happy World Poetry Day, Friends!  Keep Rhyming!


  1. Janet Sobczyk

    Paula, I always enjoy reading your rhymes and just spent some time perusing your archives. I didn’t kniw that April is National Poetry Month. Cool!
    Would you mind looking at my blog ( to see the updates in format that you’ve inspired? Any other suggestions? I value your opinion. Thanks!

    1. Post

      So happy you found new information. I didn’t used to know about National Poetry Month either – I’ve learned a lot of new things since starting this blog! I would love to take a new look at your blog. Though I’m no expert, I continue to learn new things every day and am happy to share them in hopes that others find them useful too.
      I apologize for the delayed response. I was out of touch for the past few weeks following the unexpected passing of my Mom. I hope to get back into writing and also posting some new blog entries, perhaps as early as next week.
      May God’s blessings abound in your life!

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